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The Game, the Engine, the Legacy

About NEaB and this site

NEaB was originally a free to play multiplayer game you could play through your browser. It began very small and grew to a game full of features and with a great community. I, the new owner, played several years ago and for a short time compared to the total life of the game. The games original creator, known as Garg in game, built and ran this game with passion. I will not go into much history of why I am doing this but will say it is happening. While there are a very few that for their own sefish reasons want to see the game die there are 10x more that want to see it back up again.

The game will be the demo for the engine which will be a educational engine for building games. If you truly want to help then I implore you to contact me and I will gladly work with you. I am gathering the old community to build a new game. I have had several old players already contact me and we are deciding on what to do. If you want to take part then please do. This game will never be a massive game with hundreds thousands of players. It is aimed for a small community of a few thousand.

What we have

So I am sure everyone is curious on what all I have and do not have from the old site and game. Well I am still going through a lot of the the files but currrently for the game it seems I have a older capture of the databse. Somewhere around 2010. As far as the site it is a bit newer but I do not plan on bringing it back the way it was.

As far as the engine, I have the latest version and have already updated much of the code to run on newer web servers as well as fixed many many bugs.

I get that when I first announced my ideas that I may not have explained myself very well. Mix that with the fact the engine and the game are both called NEAB and things can get real confusing. I have now explained my plans clearly here so no more concern on what my intentions are. This is all about bringing the engine back and if I can help the community of the game along the way then I will.


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