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Now serving 121 different quests!

Nowhere Else and Beyond (NEaB) is the first web based real multiplayer RPG and PBBG that allows players to explore exotic locations in 2D, interact with other players, collect and play our in game card game and build your own island and create quests within it.

The best part is it's free, you play RIGHT AWAY (no need for registrations) and it runs within your browser and works on all platforms without any download. Firefox recommended as it provides better performances, but NEaB runs well on Internet Explorer too.

One of the unique traits of NEaB is that you can see and interact with other players directly on the maps, during combat, or in towns. Also our chat, one of the most fully featured of Ajax chats, will let you really enjoy the player community.

Latest player blog posts:
News for 30th Sep 2014
A new token shop item allows players to increase their post office box limit.
Realm news
17:52: Kelton200143 finished the quest "Bookworm" on The Celerian Isles.
17:47: Kelton200143 finished the quest "Spelunking" on The Celerian Isles.
17:35: Kelton200143 finished the quest "Collecting Collections" on The Celerian Isles.
17:32: Kelton200143 finished the quest "Lauren's Lost Doll" on The Celerian Isles.
17:30: Kelton200143 finished the quest "Khallen's Kite" on The Celerian Isles.
We do care!
NEaB really takes care of the real earth. Therefore our server is one of the only servers for a web game which uses a server which is neutral for our climate.

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