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I know the answers of these questions:
  1. Can you help me? I really can't do this first island alpha/beta thing
  2. Hey Garg, did you create the world with this tool (island manager)?
  3. Why do I get this message: 'WHERE DO YOU COME FROM ?' ?
  4. Can I test my own quests?
  5. How do I get the island public?
  6. Why don't EXP, Gold or items seem to be added to my avatar?
  7. Can I buy items from a NPC store on my own Island?
  8. What if I want to retry my quest from the beginning?
  9. Why is there no exit button in my NPC shop?
  10. I don't understand how to use quest variables?
  11. What are those IDs, or location IDs?
  12. It seems I cannot go from a location to the other. Why?
  13. Where do I find a location ID?
  14. The default exit link in a generic location does not work. Why?
  15. How do I get a custom object for my island?

Hey Garg, did you create the world with this tool (island manager)?
No... I did it by hand... Much harder. I didn't create those tools until recently. Now it's much easier to add things to the game :-)