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I know the answers of these questions:
  1. Can you help me? I really can't do this first island alpha/beta thing
  2. Hey Garg, did you create the world with this tool (island manager)?
  3. Why do I get this message: 'WHERE DO YOU COME FROM ?' ?
  4. Can I test my own quests?
  5. How do I get the island public?
  6. Why don't EXP, Gold or items seem to be added to my avatar?
  7. Can I buy items from a NPC store on my own Island?
  8. What if I want to retry my quest from the beginning?
  9. Why is there no exit button in my NPC shop?
  10. I don't understand how to use quest variables?
  11. What are those IDs, or location IDs?
  12. It seems I cannot go from a location to the other. Why?
  13. Where do I find a location ID?
  14. The default exit link in a generic location does not work. Why?
  15. How do I get a custom object for my island?

How do I get the island public?
There are two steps to get an island on the world map, for others to visit:

1. Finish the sandbox. When this is done, your island will become 'promoted'. It will have full rights, just like a normal, public island.

2. When the island is promoted, you need to create a complete island, with more complex quests, more NPCs and other features. The requirements for getting an island public might seem high, but this is to give the game an overall better quality and appearance. A half finished public island with many spelling errors and bad links will give a bad impression to new players trying the game. A good storyline for the island is also a smart thing to implement.

Read the wiki info on island sandboxes here:Quest_for_the_Sandbox.