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NEaB Help > Manual > Activities

You will find here an incomplete list of things you may do while playing inside the NEaB world. Some of these activities can be found in the Activity Leaflet inside everyone's inventory. Some others are more "articulated" in the sense they are not directly related to game quests as they involve more of the community.


Cooking and fire

Beside using the cook/mix skill, there is a few other ways to produce / changes items in the game, some involves a camp fire some others not. You should at least try to discover them

  • Cook some Soup
  • Fry an egg
  • Make a fire
  • Go for some fish
  • Cook a fish

Crafting and objects care

A good bit of fun inside the game can be to find new gear for your avatar. This involves inventing your own gear, or purchasing gear from other players. Of course to be able to craft items you will need resources, which requires you to either purchase or harvest the metals and other materials to craft them.

  • Design your items
  • Repair your gear

Treasures and holes

Maybe you didn't know but you may actually dig inside the world ground and discover treasures or hide things and organize some fun treasure hunt games or simply hide your precious items away from other people.

  • Draw a treasure map
  • Bury some goods


We do have a full section talking about pets, but without going to much in details we can say that having a pet is something relaxing and fun, it can helps during battles, and certainly offers yet more things to do.

  • Hatch an egg
  • Sacrifice a pet
  • Handle your pet

Handle your money

Some people runs after gold, and this is maybe something which attracts you too. But be careful, as dying during a combat while you have a lot of money with you will certainly leave some of it on your bones. However there are so many activities you can do with those shiny little pieces of gold, so you should at least try some and see if the gold rush takes you too, and if it does you could try to accumulate more and try to be the richest player of the world (of NEaB)!

  • Make a deposit
  • Play in the casino
  • Rent Merchant
  • Player auctions
  • Loot some skeleton
  • Play scratch & win

Gazette work

The Castle Soupir hosts our official in game gazette, the newspaper to read to be informed about game events, stories and much more. Of course everyone is invited to participate by sending articles, drawings, fun facts and much more.

  • Read the gazette
  • Draw a comic
  • Use the imps box

Your own little person

You know that others can check your avatar and see how you look like and what you wear? Well we have a bit of info about it here: Player info page. However to look really nice you should have some medals and a good description about yourself, and don't forget to wear a nice dress!

  • Get some medals
  • Tell about yourself
  • Change outfit

Communicate with others

What would be a multi player game without some good player interaction? Well we believe it wouldn't make sense to call it a multi player game if it wasn't possible to communicate, and trade between players. And here fortunately we have all sort of ways to communicate, from the multiple chats, to the beloved Post Office and our trading tools.

  • Sent a P.O.
  • Post some news
  • Player shop
  • Direct trade

Help to improve the game

What really makes you feel better for sure is to participate in the game future development, and this can be done in multiple ways, for all kind of skills, and free time available. You may start simply by visiting our forums, help improve this wiki help, make wishes on the wish tree, share your mind on your own blog, or decide to create your own quests on your very own island.

  • Make a wish


You certainly deserve at some point that others know you, therefore what about letting the other see you on a nice shiny statue? Well of course others can throw tomatoes at your statue, but in that case you could make some nice tomato sauce with it.

  • Buy a statue
  • Throw some tomatoes


Clans are a good way to share resources makes friend and do some activities you cannot do elsewhere, like our nice snooker mini-game. Also clans will certainly offer new activity over time, so it's something you should not miss!

  • Join a clan
  • Snooker play


Art and culture in general is important everywhere, even here in our NEaB world. So why not take some time to visit our wonderful gallery or the museum?

  • Visit the Gallery
  • Visit the museum

Mini games

Need some fun between two battles? I do too! Therefore take some time to relax with some of our mini games!

  • Snooker play
  • Play cards
  • Manage a concession
  • Clean some bones

Recurring activities

Some jobs never end, for example our Daily dungeon or the bounty hunter will require you nearly daily work! Yes can be tiring, but rewards are up to the effort!

  • Help the Bounty Hunter
  • Daily Dungeon

Your home

Need some place to rest? Well for that you may own your very own dungeon, and make it comfortable for your person. Beware as other players may sneak in and try to rob your gold! So either make your home a secure place or rent a good room.

  • Own your dungeon

Be a tourist

Why not take a boat and sail to some far island, or use the travel agency to visit new places? It will certainly keep you busy for a while if you want to visit all those nice places, and maybe try to solve some of the mysteries there!

  • Visit exotic places


Be there in time to check what happens during our great holidays of course that means you will have to visit us from time to time and it will take time to check them all, but I can assure you that you will be surprised by how many fun things we have prepared!


Battles are certainly something you MUST do from time to time, but did you encounter all the monsters? Well I know it's basically impossible, but I can assure you that some are really interesting, specially when they die. Yes, as you may know, some drop items after their death ... and some of those cannot be found otherwise. So why not try to hunt some of those beasts?