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Activity Leaflet

NEaB Help > Manual > Activity Leaflet

The Activity Leaflet (found in your inventory) helps you to keep track of what you can do and what you already have done inside the game. Every time you do an activity, the activity will be checked, and it will even keep note of when you did it.

The Activity Leaflet is split into two parts, activities and quests.

The top part contains general activities, which are not completely linked with a quest. These are the most important things to try, usually. By moving the mouse over one of the rows, you will see a small description of the activity.

The second part, is the complete list of available quests inside the game. (It includes quests on public islands created by island managers as well as system quests.) You may click on the table headers and sort the list of quests according to whatever criteria you want. The minimum requirement for a quest is an automatic calculated number based on what is the minimum level of the players that have finished the quest. So even if your level is above the noted minimum, it doesn't neccessarily mean you can finish the listed quest. And even if your level is below the noted minimum, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will not be able to finish the quest yet. It only means that someone of that level completed the quest.

The Activity Leaflet was introduced into the game by Garg on November the 10th, 2008.