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Classes information

NEaB Help > Manual > Classes information

Selecting a class is optional. Any player can choose to be a regular adventurer for as long as he/she decides.

Players can currently choose between two paths: Fighter and Mage. By taking one of the paths, a subclass must also be selected.


To choose the path of the fighter, a player must first advance to level 20 as a regular adventurer. The Trainers in Castle Soupir will then give the proper training.

You must choose a subclass if you want to become a fighter. Here are the subclasses of fighter:

  • Beastmaster - The 'Pet Trainer' Class, gives you the ability to feed, heal, and summon pets in combat.**
    Special Ability: Summon Pet; enables you to change which pet accompanies you in combat.
  • Cavalier - The 'Swordsman' Class, +atk to all sword weapons when equipped.
    Special Ability: Marksman; enables you to temporarily increase dexterity during a fight, with your superior swordsmanship.
  • Marauder - The 'Axeman' Class, +atk to all axe weapons when equipped.
    Special Ability: Decapitate; uses all your strength to attack with a mighty blow, however it leaves you open for 1 turn as you need time to regain your balance.
  • Rogue - The 'Archer' Class can use ranged weapons.
    Special Ability: Fools Escape; allows you to flee from any battle (100% probability).
  • Vandale - The 'Barbarian' Class, gives you the ability to wield a one-handed weapon in each hand.**
    Special Ability: Fury; enables you to do a massive dmg attack, at the cost of 50% your HP.

All fighters except rogues and beastmasters are allowed to attack twice per round.


The 'School of Magical Arts' is located on an island south of Stinkifishy, and a boat is needed to access it.

Unlike the fighter class, where level 20 is required, a player can choose to become a mage at level 5.

All mages can learn all spells (if they meet the spell's requirements). Non-mages can only learn mental spells.

It is possible to learn cross-class spells. However, the requirements to do so are vastly increased.

One of the five schools of magic must be chosen:

  • School of Air - Air spells are cheap, which means you can easily learn them even if you use common weapons. But be careful; these spells do not have the same power as those of the other schools. They are also very cheap in ways of MP cost as well as gold.
  • School of Earth - The strongest spells without doubt. Unfortunately, they tend to hit the caster as well as the target. These spells have a low MP cost because of their major health loss and have a rather average price in gold.
  • School of Fire - In this school, you will master the searing powers of fire, which is a powerful element but does not offer you any special effects as other schools do. Spells are generally average priced in both MP and in gold and occasionally some of the stronger spells have very minor health cost for using them.
  • School of Ice - Combat spells of this school are not only strong but also allow you to freeze your opponent at the same time. However, these spells are difficult to master and cost a lot of MP. These spells also tend to be some of the most expensive of spells.
  • School of Vampires - Many people think vampires are bad. This might be true, but with the rumor of their evil comes a rumor of great power. They can simply recover themselves by sucking the energy from their opponents. These spells are generally rather expensive in gold. However, as they restore MP and HP they tend to be essentially "free" to cast.
 There has been a suggestion made to change the School of Vampires 
 to the School of Spirit, as each of the other schools 
 is named after the element that the mage controls;
 and vampire mages control the spirit element.  (suggested by Kerrik)

Changing Class

It is possible to change class, although this is not recommended to do often, as it drains 10% of your total amount of experience. As such, those of higher level will lose much more than low levels.

Be aware that the loss of experience may be prevented if you buy a special Diamond Token (DT) item, known as a "Phial of Forgiveness", from the store just northwest of Castle Soupir.

The Well of Forgiveness must be found and drank from for the effects to take place. Beware, though, that if a player drinks too much at once, he/she might forget everything and lose all items (Account reset).

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