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NEaB Help > Manual > Donating

This game is free and we want to maintain that it stays this way. However, hosting the game is not free and we need to pay a monthly fee in order to keep the game available to all. Moreover the available budget we can put into the game is not unlimited, so to keep this game free to everybody we need your help. Your donations will be used to pay the hosting and improve it in case we need to upgrade the current hosting plan (and this happens from time to time as the number of players grows every day).

As a reward for your donations is a special item Diamond Tokens will be given (1 for each 5 USD you give us). These can be traded in for powerful and unique items found in the Token Shop in-game, or sold to other players for heaps of gold. (Approximately 50-75 million gold) For a list of items that you can donate for and their effects, check the Donation Items List

The donation system uses PayPal. You either need to have a PayPal account or a credit card.

There is also a SMS system which uses DaoPay.

To donate You have to be logged into the game (in order to identify your user).