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How to become a player helper

NEaB Help > Manual > How to become a player helper

The concept

Before trying to be a Player Helper (PH), it is important to first understand what a Player Helper is and does. Being a Player Helper is not only having a winged avatar in the chat, but also comes with responsibilities and a load of work.

A Player Helper is a skillful player who knows most game tricks and is willing to help others, especially new players. He or she also has the obligation of moderating the chats, and the requirement of banning abusive players from the chats.

For a list of current Player Helpers, click here.

How to become one

First, the player should really know how the game works -- and not just how to solve a few quests. He or she should also agree to spend quite some time in the chat to answer others' questions. Obviously, sitting and answering questions all day is by far not as fun as it can appear.

If the player shows he or she is willing to dedicate the time to the game and knows enough about the game, the player will be proposed to the other, current Player Helpers and the Player Helper Moderator.

It is not easy to be a PH. It is a lot of responsibility. Remember that you don't need wings to help players -- the wings just identify those people who are obliged and able to help effectively.

Finally, the more you ask to become a PH, the less likely you will be chosen. The final decision on whether or not a certain player is made a PH is made by the current Player Helper Moderator on the suggestions of others. The word of the current PHs is what makes really the difference. For example, if two other PHs recommend you for the job, it's much more likely that you will be one. There is currently a PH assigned to actively checking the chat logs for players with the potential to become PHs. This is the Player Helper Moderator. Our current Player Helper Moderator is Zonneschijn.