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Island management

NEaB Help > Manual > Island management

Nowhere-Else and Beyond goes one step further than other MMORPGs, as the game offers the possibility for all players to add game content like quests, NPCs, shops and other features to their own physical part of the massive in-game world! Those features are not as easy to manage as it would seem though. This page explains the process of becoming an island manager.

How to start

All players can attempt to become an Island Manager, although it is by no means easy! For this reason the people who have acquired a public island are bestowed with the title Sir or Dame.

First, you will need a Go Home object so that you can transport yourself to your island.

You can get this by asking at the Shrine of Verity in Castle Soupir. You will also need a Castle Recaller so that if you get into any problems you can safely transport yourself back to Castle Soupir. You can get this from a main island quest (would be a spoiler if I told you which).


Also, for all you new island managers out there making a quest public just means that other players can link to it and be able to make a multi-island quest using the variables of the quest on their island. This opens up the possibility for cheating (sadly, even by people who aren't "Sir's"; they just need to know how to set a variable). So unless it is a multi-island quest on purpose, please DO NOT set your quests as Public.

Island Management
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