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Pet Tutorial

NEaB Help > Manual > Pets > Pet Tutorial (Redirected from Pet tutorial)



The pet feature on Nowhere Else and Beyond can be a bit confusing at first. However, once you get the hang of it, it can be very rewarding and fun! Pets are useful because they can fight beside you in combat-- if your pet is strong and well-trained enough, it can drastically reduce the time needed to kill monsters. In this tutorial, we will go through pets step-by-step, and you will learn every aspect of how to care for your pet.

A lot of people ask in chat, "Where do I get a pet?" We can't tell you exactly where-- that would spoil the fun! But the person who can give you your first pet lives in Castle Soupir, and will probably predict that you're coming...

Caring for your pets

Once you have your pet, click on the link in the menu saying "Care for your pets."

You should now come up with an interface like this. To see what a certain part of the interface does, check the numbered item that corresponds with that part of the interface.

1. This is where your pet's stats and information are displayed.

Name: Your pet's name (This can be changed by clicking on the name).

Type: What sort of creature your pet is, like a dog or a cat.

Level: Combat level.

Hp: Hit points, or how much damage it can take before it dies.

Exp-> Up: How much experience is needed to gain a combat level.

Fullness: How hungry your pet is. 100 is completely full, while 0 is very hungry.

Happiness: How happy your pet is. Like fullness, 100 is very happy, while 0 is angry.

2. This is a list of the actions that your pet knows, and the percentage at which the actions are known. The higher the percentage, the more likely your pet is to do it when directed by you. The percentage goes up the more you train your pet. For more information on how to train your pet, see directly below.

3. This is the interface where you train your pet and teach it to do certain actions.

First, type in the name you want to assign a certain action. For instance, "Random" might correspond to your pet moving randomly around the area, "Kill" might corresond with attacking, or "Fetch" might correspond with the action "go and take". As an example, let's use the last one: "Fetch" and "go and take".

If you typed in "Fetch", and it did the action you wanted it to (in this case, "go and take"), it would display as below in area 5.

Click the "Give reward (correct)" button, and it will appear in number 2. The "your pet knows" section will now show "Fetch" at 30%. Now you don't have to type it again: you only have to click on the command you want your pet to do.

When you first give your pet a certain command, it might not necessarily do the proper action. If this is the case, keep repeating the command until your pet does the proper action. It might several tries, but when it does the action you want, make sure to reward your pet! It is worth it to train each command fully to 100%, so that when you tell your pet to do something, you can be certain that he or she will always obey you.

4. This is where all the different activities you can do are displayed. At the time of entry, you can only select play and combat.

Play: In play, all the directional commands are effective (such as top, left, right, etc.), as well as "go and take". Your pet will play fetch with you if you throw the ball by first clicking on the ball, then clicking anywhere in area 6.

Combat: In combat mode, all the directional commands are effective (such as top, left, right, etc.), as well as "attack". There is a dummy for your pet to practice attacking, when you give it the attack command. While here, your pet will always hit N damage on the dummy.

5. This is where all the actions your pet does are displayed. If you issue your pet a command, this box will display what your pet is doing in response to your command. This is how you can determine whether or not your pet is doing the correct action, and how to tell whether or not you should reward it with a treat. It also acts as a sort of log of all that you have done since you entered "Care for your pets"; you can scroll up and see previous actions and commands.

6. This is where all the action happens. For instance, the directional commands refer to the parts of this screen ("left" refers to the left side, "center" to the middle, etc.). You can see all actions in this window, such as your pet attacking or playing fetch.

Pets in combat

To use your pet in combat, you must be in strategic combat (this option can be changed by going to "your account" in the menu), and you must have taught your pet some sort of attack command. Below is an example of the combat interface with pets.

As you can see, your pet will stand next to you when you battle. The main difference that having your pet in battle with you is the "Say" drop-down box. All of the commands that your pet knows are stored here. For example, if you wanted your pet to attack the monster, select "attack" in the drop down menu. Then, when you attack or make your move, in messages it would show something similar to the following.

IMPORTANT: If your pet does not fully understand the attack command, your pet might do something different. Also, your pet will not attack if you are not moving toward a monster or are not next to a monster (It will say "your pet doesn't want to attack alone" if this is the case). Your pet will also not attack if it is at 0% fullness or 0% happiness.

IMPORTANT...AGAIN: When training your pet in combat you can only train your pets level as high as your charisma. If it goes over you will not be able to control your pet and it will become useless in battle

Also Note: If your pet is unable to reach the enemy that is targeted it will do nothing and your action log will read "(your name) pet is going to attack" for ever AP your pet has

Taking care of your pet's needs

Your pet will automatically lose fullness and happiness as time goes on. Your pet will regain a certain amount of fullness every time you feed it by pressing the "feed" button. Make sure that you have enough of the proper food to feed your pet! Most species of pet will prefer a certain food, and eat only that type of food. For happiness, simply play fetch with your pet to increase its happiness.

Your pet can also lose health if it takes damage in combat. If this happens, and you have a form of "Pet Medkit" in your inventory, press the "heal" button to heal your pet.

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