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Character Stats Guide

NEaB Help > Manual > Character Stats Guide (Redirected from What is the effect of each stats)

In Nowhere Else and Beyond there are four game stats. This is done to keep the game rules as simple as possible.

  • Strength is used to calculate the maximum number of health points (HP) you have, and is used in combat to calculate the maximum amount of damage you can do. Strength also determines as well how much load you can carry with you.
  • Dexterity is used to calculate the probability of hitting your opponent, and slightly modifies the maximum damage you can do. Dexterity also affects chance of success when crafting items, as well as improving probability of pickpocketing and breaking into other players' dungeons.
  • Intelligence is used to calculate the maximum number of mana points (MP) you have, the amount of spells you can learn, the amount of spell damage your spells do, and your chance to cast spells without fizzling. Intelligence also effects chance of crafting items and preventing other players from pickpocketing you.
  • Charisma is used to affect the prices NPCs will offer you in their shops, and has an effect on how your pet reacts to your commands and how much experience it can gain. Charisma also affects your chance to hatch eggs.

Calculated Stats


Zardan has created a Stat Planner tool to help with planning your character's statistics.

There is a discussion thread for using it, reporting bugs, and suggesting enhancements.