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Main features:

  • Full multi player RPG
  • On map, locations or standalone chat
  • Private online and offline messages
  • Player managed markets
  • Multiple non linear quests
  • High quality inventory system
  • Graphical interactive 2D map (like other normal top view RPG)
  • Progressive monster difficulty (as your level up, harder and new monsters appear)
  • Player managed islands (create your quests, NPC, locations and much more)
  • A special pet system which let you talk in with your own words to your pets.
  • Unique collectible cards and unique simple to play card game (PvP).
  • Friend list and embedded communication tools.
  • In game casino (slot machine, roulette, and card game)
  • Alchemy and cooking potions and other
  • Crafting object
  • Fixed and random maps (depending of the location)
  • Medals to reward players
  • Automatic player journal
  • Player managed, fully designed and owned dungeons
  • Player designed objects (stats and description)
  • Thieves and pickpockets actions can be performed
  • Player clans (let share objects for example)
  • 40 Mb of free webspace (no banners)
  • Free full personal blog

A map view, and another player.

In a town

Dungeons mazes.

Talk to NPC

Private messages system (Post office).

Choose your look.

Travel on some far away island.

A mini game.

The spellbook.

The journal.


The stats and skills.

Combats against multiple monsters.

A mini building game.

The world atlas.

Join clans.

Draw comics with the magic etcher.

The inventory.

Rent the services of a merchant.

Visit the museum to see rare items.

Chat with others.

Check other players stats.

Play cards with others.